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About Cub Scouts

Cub Scouts is the first opportunity for girls and boys to join a scouting program in our organization. Starting in Kindergarten and going through Grade 5, youth ages 6-11 can begin learning new skills, enjoying outdoor adventures and building their character through the Potawatomi Area Council Cub Scout program in Waukesha, WI. We help create the building blocks for youth to become compassionate leaders in our communities.


The Cub Scout program focuses on advancement by completing activities to earn each badge of rank. Cub Scouts learn new skills and evolve their morals while building their self-confidence and esteem. Advancement challenges begin in kindergarten to earn the Lion rank and continue through 5th grade and the Arrow of Light rank. 


Cub Scouts earn adventure loops or pins for each badge of rank. Adventures are designed to be educational and fun for our K-5th graders, enabling them to achieve new experiences. Adventures including a variety of topics from hiking, first aid and sports to service, science and citizenship.


Beyond badge of rank, Cub Scouts can earn awards in many areas that go above and beyond basic scouting. In each rank, awards are available in a variety of specialty areas from world conservation and cyber-chip to outdoor activities and interpreter strip.

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How To Join

If you want to give your child access to fun and adventure while helping them gain skills and confidence, consider enrolling them in Cub Scouts. We can help you find a pack in your area online and begin the application process for your child.

Support Scouting

One of the simplest ways you can support the scouting programs and community events we provide at Potawatomi Area Council is with donations. Any amount of money can help us fund events, activities, scholarships, facilities and the various programs we offer to guide young women and men on the right path to adulthood. We make it easy to donate now safely through our website.

Cub Scout Camps

Potawatomi Area Council supports year-round events and camp experiences for our Scouts. Cub Scout Dens can attend various events throughout the year and attend summer camp. Our Camp Long Lake Scout Reservation offers a wide variety of programs and activities for all levels of Scouts, including our local Cub Scout Packs and dens.