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About Scouts BSA

Our Scouts BSA program at Potawatomi Area Council has promoted generations of leaders in the greater Waukesha County area. Young men and women ages 11-17 can embark on new adventures while gaining advanced skills, personal growth and commitment to service. Scouts BSA includes youth-led programs that build service, leadership and community engagement, working up through the ranks to the pinnacle rank of Eagle Scout.


One of the keys of Scout Oath and Law is service. Scouts learn the importance of serving others in their community and service to the environment. “Do a good turn daily” is the Scout slogan, initiating Scouts to help others through service daily without expecting anything in return.


Creating future leaders is what has made scouting a time-honored tradition. Scouts learn leadership skills that will improve their confidence, contributing to their success in life. The Scouts BSA program has many former members that went on to be worldwide leaders and highly successful individuals in many fields.

Community Engagement

Community service activities are an essential part of the Scouts BSA program in Waukesha. Our Scouts experience personal growth and strengthen their moral compass by helping others in our community. Learning to give back to others teaches our Scouts valuable lessons that will stay with them for a lifetime.

Upcoming Events

Scouting is fun and includes many adventures for our local youth – the goal is learning by doing. Potawatomi Area Council creates events year-round for our Scouts, volunteers and community. Scouts spend time camping, learning enjoyment of the outdoors and gaining useful skills they will use throughout their lives. Scouts also have the opportunity to join us at our Camp Long Lake Scout Reservation for incredible adventures each summer.

How To Join

Youth ages 11 and above can apply to join a Scouts BSA troop in the Waukesha, WI area. We can help you find a local troop near you online and apply to become a member of our Scouts BSA program.

Support Scouting

One of the simplest ways you can support the scouting programs and community events we provide at Potawatomi Area Council is with donations. Any amount of money can help us fund events, activities, scholarships, facilities and the various programs we offer to guide young women and men on the right path to adulthood. We make it easy to donate now safely through our website.

Scouts BSA Camps

Scouts camping creates incredible memories with exciting adventures, physical challenges and new experiences. To learn more about our summer camps, Camp-O-Ree’s and other various camping event options, check out our BSA Camps.