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About Sea Scouts

Young adults in the Waukesha, WI area that want to improve their boating and water safety skills while making new friends can join a Sea Scouts Ship. For over a century, Sea Scouting has been imparting water skills and personal growth for teens and young adults. The Potawatomi Area Council is proud to offer the Sea Scouts program for our local youth who want to achieve higher levels of water and boating expertise while achieving personal growth.


The most enthralling part of Sea Scouts is the chance to hone boating and water skills with a group of like-minded shipmates. Sea Scouts learn all the intricate details of manning a vessel, from being a navigator to taking on the role of helmsman. Sea Scout Ships work together to plan an annual boating adventure where they will get the chance to use their skills on the open water. Throughout the year, Sea Scouts can also earn certifications in many water-related areas, from SCUBA to boat safety, while working toward the rank of Quartermaster.


Like all our scouting programs, Sea Scout Ships have a commitment to service and following the Scout Oath and Law. Contributing to their community and ship are vital parts of being a Sea Scout. From cleaning up the rivers and lakes in Wisconsin to participating in food drives, ceremonies and various youth community programs, Seas Scouts are very involved in service activities.

Social Activities

Becoming a Sea Scout is fun and rewarding! Sea Scouts get the opportunity to make friends with similar interests and participate in many social events. Ships have many social activities like rowing races, rendezvous, sailing and other events. Not only can Sea Scouts connect with other scouts from nearby ships, but they may have opportunities to meet scouts from all over the country and the world.

Upcoming Events

How To Join

To learn more about joining a Sea Scouts Ship in the greater Waukesha, WI area, check out the ships near you on the Potawatomi Area Council website. Click apply to begin your next water adventure with a group of youth in your area.

Support Scouting

One of the simplest ways you can support the scouting programs and community events we provide at Potawatomi Area Council is with donations. Any amount of money can help us fund events, activities, scholarships, facilities and the various programs we offer to guide young women and men on the right path to adulthood. We make it easy to donate now safely through our website.

Summer Camps

To learn more about joining a Sea Scouts Ship in the greater Waukesha, WI area, check out the Ships near you on the Potawatomi Area Council website.