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Scouting has shaped the lives of thousands of boys and girls in Wisconsin. Our goal at the Potawatomi Area Council is to inspire our youth in the Waukesha, Wisconsin area to reach greater heights. We help youth from ages 5-20 achieve self-confidence, integrity and ethical awareness while improving their personal fitness and skills. Focusing on the Scout Oath and Law, it is our goal to provide a fun, interactive environment for youth while cultivating the future leaders of America.

Our Scouting Programs

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Cub Scouts

Youth Grade K-5

Boys and girls in grades K-5 can experience hands-on learning, fun adventures and advancement in the Cub Scout program. This entry-level Scouting program helps kids learn independence and confidence while improving their social skills and ethical fortitude.

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Scouts BSA

Youth Ages 11-17

Adolescents and teens ages 11-17 can advance their Scouting skills as members of Scouts BSA. This is the traditional Scouting experience, which is youth-led and inspires leadership, self-discovery, service and community engagement. Young women and men are welcome to join Scouts BSA.

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Co-Ed Ages 10-20

Youth from ages 10-20 can begin planning and preparing for their future with Exploring. We help guide adolescents and teens as they explore career options and learn life skills that will help them become leaders in their communities.

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Co-Ed Ages 14-20

Teens and young adults that have an adventurous spirit and love a challenge can grow in our Venturing program. Males and females 14-20 can experience Adventure, Leadership, Personal Growth and Service in the youth-led and youth-inspired Venturing program.

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Sea Scouts

Co-Ed Ages 14-20

Youth that love the water and want to gain confidence, knowledge and social skills can join our Sea Scouts program. Young men and women 14-20 learn boating skills, water safety, service and maritime history in our Sea Scouting program.

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Volunteer Opportunities

Our Scouting programs through Potawatomi Area Council rely on fantastic volunteers that help mentor and support our local youth. We have many volunteer opportunities that support our Scouting programs, from unit leaders to helping with events and administrative duties.

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Support Scouting

We depend on donations, volunteers and various types of support to shape our youth into our future leaders and provide services to our communities. We welcome and appreciate support in various forms to achieve a better future for our youth and neighbors.

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Eagle Scout/Projects

Earn the highest advancement in the Scouts BSA program as an Eagle Scout. Only a small percentage of Scouts achieve the rank of Eagle Scout, an accomplishment in itself. Completing the Eagle Service Project helps young men and women contribute to their community and gain lasting leadership skills.

Zachary Kolodzinski

Eagle Scout Name: Zachary Kolodzinski Troop 135 Genesee Depot WI

Number of service hours: 221

Name of Project: Replacement and refurbishment of Train Cars

Description of Project: Along the Glacial Drumian trailhead in Wales WI, there is a playground which included a wooden train comprised of four cars. After further observation the two middle cars (blue and green) had suffered the most damage. This included holes in the deck, screws sticking out in several places, unstable surfaces, and peeling paint. The entire train was taped off with caution tape because of these conditions, making them unsafe to play on. The engine and caboose were in good shape, so I planned to sand and repaint. I replaced both middle cars with new construction. The combination of new paint and new cars made the whole set look fresh and new. It will be safe for children to play on once again.

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