Thank you for choosing to take part in the Scouting Adventure!

We know you are going to have a great time in Scouting, and just to add a little more fun to it, have a look at the below options to help pass the time until your next Scout meeting:


Do you think you know camping. Boy Scouts take it to another level. There is a lot to learn from the experts, and we know you and your friends will enjoy the the process of becoming our future experts. Get a glimpse into the activities at Camp Long Lake with these videos, and take the camping quiz.



Visit the following link to our Boy’s Life website in which you can play tons of online games!  So hurry up, go capture that Alien or win that race!  Don’t forget, you can get a monthly subscription to Boy’s Life Magazine!  Just ask your parents about it.


Do you want to see some really cool videos of airplanes doing stunts?  How about Scouts climbing snowy mountains? How about roller-coasters and robots?  Click the “Watch Now” button to start your adventure!  Who knows, maybe you will get some ideas for your Pack or Troop.


Why did the chicken cross the road? Ugh I’m not very good at this, BUT click on the “Laugh Now!” button and you can read some really funny jokes! Guess what?  You can also submit your own jokes!  Think you have the funniest jokes around?  Let’s see them!