SCI’s generous donation is very important as it is the life blood of our shooting sports program at camp. It’s a source for resources that allow our Council’s youth at camp to understand the sport of shooting, apply the knowledge received from our camp instructors and couple it with lots of practice

The reasons our communities have supported Scouting for 103 years—our ability to help children develop self confidence and leadership skills, and grow into productive adults in a safe environment—have not changed and will never change. I am optimistic we can say the same about Safari Club International’s support.

It is our role and responsibility, as parents, community leaders, and caring adults to ensure that every young person has the chance for a positive future. The Potawatomi Area Council is committed to providing positive, value-based programs and activities for our youth. And with Safari Club International’s continued philanthropic gestures we together will continue to help area scouts learn responsible citizenship, character development and self-reliance. We both see the need for building tomorrow’s leaders today. Your contribution to the Council in turn prepares youth for their future.

Your desire to create and maintain a connection with Scouting is greatly appreciated. We not only understand but also share in your passion and commitment to passing the hunting tradition onto our youth through educational programs and experiences. Like the Scouting community, Safari Club International members promote strong family values and teach youth the safe use of firearms and the role hunting plays in sustainable wildlife conservation.

Scouts and Scout leaders in are buzzing with excitement about last year’s summer camping experiences as they gear up for this summer at Camp Long Lake. The noise is NOT a murmur – especially when it comes to the shooting complex they were able to enjoy.

At the Council we see ourselves as the conduit for individuals and institutions to invest their treasure, time, and talents in these young people. We see the involvement of people is based around one simple premise—that those who support Scouting do so to ensure our great Scouting program is around for generations to come. We are grateful for your ongoing friendship and support.

Safari Club International’s continued financial support for our shooting program at Camp Long Lake has allowed us to create, build, improve and sustain the Shooting Sports Complex which includes a Riffle/Pistol range, a Skeet/Trap range as well as a 5 Stand structure. A member of SCI, Dave Bahl, furnished the complex with all new firearms and other equipment for the ranges which included Kimber and Savage 22 calibers, Remington 1187 semi automatic 20 gauge shotguns and 50 caliber black power rifles. These developments and expansions would simply not have been realized their support. It has attracted more youth to our shooting sports as well as outside organizations using our Camp facility.

To Safari Club International our Scouts say THANK YOU!



75% of Scouts say 
Scouting has taught them to be a leader
79% of Scouts say 
Scouting has taught then to care about their physical fitness
80% of Scouts say
Scouting has increased their self confidence




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