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Scouts BSA Camping

Outdoor adventures are an integral – and fun – part of the Scouting experience. Scouts BSA camping events are a top priority for Potawatomi Area Council – our Troops have opportunities to camp in different settings and durations throughout the year. Whether you are a new Scout or entering advanced programs like Venturing or High Adventures as an experienced Scout, PAC gives you access to unique and interactive camping opportunities.

Scouts BSA Outdoor Adventures

Scouts are promised outdoor adventures when they join, and we will not disappoint our young men and women. From learning the basic skills needed to camp to achieving new merit badges and awards, Scout camping provides chances to achieve new levels of success. Scouts will learn more about their natural environment and skills that will contribute to their self-confidence. They will also have many opportunities to enhance their own personal growth through outdoor programs, adventures and team/individual challenges.

Short and Long Camp Experiences

Scouts BSA camping is designed to provide Scouts with a wide range of experiences and growth opportunities. Short camps can be one to three overnight, council-staffed events, either locally in the greater Waukesha, WI area and at Camp Long Lake or at national BSA camping adventures. Long camps are council-organized camps that are four nights or longer.

All Scouts BSA camping events, short and long, are opportunities for Scouts to tailor their experience. Scouts can choose from a wide range of activities that can earn them awards and merit badges. As Scouts mature, they will be able to get more out of their camping experience on a personal level.


Creep-O-Ree is a co-ed camp out for Scouts BSA, GSUSA and Venturing. It’s a fun-filled weekend that focuses on camping, team building and fellowship. Come test your strength, agility and intellect and participate in a costume contest!

When: Friday, Nov. 4 – Sunday, Nov. 6, 2022


Early Regular Late
$55 $65 $75
before 9/15/22 between 9/16/22 – 9/30/22 after 10/1/22
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Fall Camporee

Scouts BSA Troops are heading out to Camp Long Lake in the name of Merit Badge advancement! Join the Camporee to camp, bond with your patrol and fellowship between Troops. Meals on Saturday are provided, aw well as evening campfire.

When: Friday, Oct. 7 – Sunday Oct. 9, 2022



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Opening Day Camporee

Troop Shoot | Merit Badge Palooza | Quick Start

When: Friday, April 22 – Sunday, April 24, 2022

Troop Shoot Cost:

Early Regular Late
Youth $65 $75 $85
Adult $40 $50 $60
before 3/7/22 after 3/8/22 after 3/23/22

Quick Start & Merit Badge Palooza Cost:

Early Regular Late
Youth $55 $65 $75
Adult $35 $45 $55
before 3/10/22 after 3/10/11 after 3/25/22
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Scout Resident Camp

Camp Long Lake has been a place of discovery and adventure for thousands of Scouts. Our Long Lake Staff is looking forward to providing Scouts with the best resident camp program experience possible. Do not miss out on over 50 merit badges, advancement opportunities, camp wide activities, premier shooting facilities, welding, metal work, outpost and ATV program.


Week 1 Week 2 Week 3 Week 4 Week 5 Week 6
June 19 – June 25, 2022 June 26 – July 2, 2022 July 3 – July 9, 2022 July 10 – July 16, 2022 July 17 – July 23, 2022 July 24 – July 30, 2022


Early Regular Late
Youth $315* $340* $350*
Adult $140** $140** $150**
Provisional $315* $335* $350*
before 5/3/22 between 5/3/22 – 6/1/22 after 6/1/22

*Deposit & Fees are non-refundable, but transferable to additional youth

** Daily Adult rate is $35 a day

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Provisional Camp

Provisional camping allows Scouts to participate in Camp Long Lake’s program when their Troop isn’t at camp.  This program is perfect for Scouts who can’t attend with their unit or for Scouts that wish to come to camp again.


Week 1 NYLT Week 5 Provisional Week 6 Provisional
6/12/22 – 6/18/22 7/17/22 – 7/23/22 7/24/22 – 7/30/22


Early Regular Late
Provisional $315 $340 $350
before 5/3/22 after 5/3/22 after 6/1/22
NYLT/2nd Week $280 $315 $340
before 6/1/22 after 6/1/22 after 6/15/22

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High Adventure Shooting Sports Camp

This seven-day and six-night program is open to registered Scouts and Venturers. Participants must be at least 14 years old or 13 and out of eight grade on July 10th, 2022. It consists of multiple disciplines and activities each day!


Sunday, July 24 – Saturday, July 30, 2022


Early Regular Late
$495 $520 $540
before 4/26/22 before 6/12/22 after 6/19/22
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Scouts camping creates incredible memories with exciting adventures, physical challenges and new experiences. Potawatomi Area Council offers Sea Scouts and Venturing camping options to help each Scout move up through the ranks while enjoying their favorite activities. To learn more about our summer camps and various camping event options, contact our staff at our office in Waukesha, WI.

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