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Fall Product Sale Guide Book


Connect Your Business & Products to the Scouts:

September 13 - 19   Show and Sell Popcorn Pickup
                                   Easter Seals, Waukesha

September 16           Sale Begins

October 14                Sale Ends

October 17                Orders Due at Scout Office

October 17                Show and Sell Popcorn Return

November 9-10         Take Order Popcorn, Kringle,
                                   and Coffee pick-up
                                      Easter Seals, Waukesha

November 11             Wreath Pick-up
                                       PAC Service Center
                                        Parking Lot



The Fall Product Sale is a great way for your unit to pay for an entire year's worth of character building programs for you unit with just one sale!

Units are encouraged to provide Scouts the opportunity to raise money for camping, Scout activities, uniforms, supplies and other character building programs.

This event offers Scouting groups a simple, safe, effective way to raise money that, in turn, teaches boys speaking skills, confidence and salesmanship.

Benefits of Fundraiser:

  • Raises additional funds for Scouting activities

  • Reduces out-of-pocket expenses for Scout parents

  • Teaches Scouts the value of earning their own way

  • Develops a Scout’s communication and selling skills

For more information please contact Connie Bielinski: 262-436-8419


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