Provisional Camping

2017 Week 5 (July 23 - 29) and Week 6 (July 30 - August 5)

 Provisional Camp Flyer (Coming soon)

 Provisional Camp Application 

 Provisional Camp Leader Application (Coming soon)


Provisional camping allows Scouts to participate in Camp Long Lake’s program when their troop isn’t at camp.  This program is perfect for Scouts who can’t attend with their unit or for Scouts that wish to come to camp again.

How do I register to attend?

The first step is to talk to your parents about it and see what they say.  Provisional camping applications are available at camp, from the Potawatomi Area Council Service Center, as a download (See above).

Can other Scouts from my troop attend camp with me?

Sure! Just make sure they are attending camp the same week you are and have gone through the steps explained above. To make sure you are in the same campsite you all have to list your troop number on the application.

What merit badges can I take?

Any badge on the list that you qualify for. Please note that there are prerequisites for some badges.  Merit badge cards should be obtained from your Scoutmaster before you come to camp.

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