Camp Site Usage 2014

Weeks 1, 2, 3, and 4 are full for 2014

WEEK Week 1
June 22-28
Week 2
July 6-12
Week 3
July 13-19
Week 4
July 20-26
Week 5
July 27 - Aug 2
Week 6
Aug 3-9
 Fox Den       T221 3HC    
 Sunset Ridge T607 BLC     T11 RT   T127 NL
 Eagle Point   T271 NL   T56 NL T730 BLC T18 O
 Lost Arrow East T135 RT   T63 O T9 O
T324 THC
Norway SS High Adventure
 Lost Arrow West T47 3HC   T63 O T175 NL    
 Windy Ridge T156 NL  T4 O T53 O T508 TFC LDS T17 TFC
 Trail View T16 O T19 O   T49 RT LDS T159 O
 Squirrel's Nest T87 NL T356 RT T20 RT T101 3HC T43 RT T32 NL
 Hawk Ridge T594 3HC T125 3HC T183 NL T99 RT T21 TFC  
 Shady Oaks North T167 NL T71 NL T825 BLC T105 NL Prov A Prov B
 Shady Oaks South T23 NL T71 NL T68 O T72 NL Prov A Prov B
Skunk Hollow T64 NL  T13 NL   T839 BLC    
Bear Trail       T26 O T281 3HC -LDS  

  KEY:  O = Onatah District  NL = Northern Lights District RT = River Trails District P+Provisional Troop
         BLC = Bay Lakes Council  3HC = Three Harbors Council  BHC = Blackhawk Council  TFC = Three Fires Council  NWS=Northwest Suburban

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