Potawatomi Area Council District Personnel

EAST DISTRICT  (Formerly USA-3 Elmbrook and USA-7 Northeast)

  • District Executive:  Patrick Klepacz   262-436-8406

  • District Chair:  Bruce Prange

  • District Commissioneer:  George Czechowski

SOUTH DISTRICT  (Formerly USA-2 Southeast and USA-6 Southwest)

  • District Executive:  Chris Wood  262-436-8416

  • District Chair:   open

  • District Commissioner:  Rick Ryan

WEST DISTRICT  (Formerly USA-4 West and USA-5 Central)

  • District Director:  John Snipes  262-436-8414

  • District Chair:  Roger Mayer

  • District Commissioner:  Chuck Gallagher

CENTRAL DISTRICT  (Formerly USA-1 Waukesha and USA-8 North)

  • District Executive:  Josh Ritter  262-436-8415

  • District Chair:  John Davis

  • District Commissioner:  open

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